Struggling to efficiently run your restaurant?

High Labor Costs

30% revenue spent on labor costs on average

Inefficient Manual Operations

Front-of-the-house administrative tasks consume up to 50% of the labor resources

Struggling to survive

68% restaurants struggling, 1 in 10 closing operations, 43% eliminating jobs

Let us slash your costs!



Less Labor. Less Cost

Up to 50% less front-of-the-house staff required

Increase Table Turnover

Up to 25% increase in table turnover. Less time customers spend on the table => Serve more customers

Easy Payments

Automate customer’s payment process using mobile payments

Deep Analytics

Get valuable data on customer feedback and service performance at a glance

An enhancement for customers. Not only saving them time but also providing personalized recommendations to guide them through their eating experience

Save time!

25% time saved by using
Eat’n to order!


Recommendations based on diet and eating habits provide an enhanced experience

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points earned keep customers coming again!

Why get mobile ordering today?

Keep up with corporate chains as they increase sales after launching mobile ordering apps.

30% transactions made through their app
Order time reduced from 45 mins to 12 mins with app
75% of digital orders made through app

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