Time is valuable and waiting in lines is not what you want to do. You can be late for your work, meeting or miss your commute. EAT’N is here to help! You can order ahead from your mobile and pick up your order when you reach, without having to wait in long queues.

Our Magic Sauce

EAT’N combines Order Ahead with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to bring utmost convenience to customers and venues.

Order Ahead at your favourite restaurants

The restaurant receives your order and starts preparing

Your order is ready when you reach, saving you from long queues!

Order Ahead and Pay

so you don't have to wait!


and skip those lines :)

Customer Benefits

Time is valuable and customers want an easy, stress-free experience of getting their meals

Save valuable time

Don't miss your meeting or commute

Get rewarded for eating

Food Trucks On-Board

Restaurant Benefits

Order Ahead is proven to increase your revenues and ensures your customers have a better experience

Increase number of daily customers

Increase customer order size

Engage with previous customers

Improve your operations with data analytics

Why get mobile ordering today?

Keep up with corporate chains as they increase sales after launching mobile ordering apps.

30% transactions made through their app
Order time reduced from 45 mins to 12 mins with app
75% of digital orders made through app

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